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SpinOneUp was created as a place for the authors to provide tips, how to guides, troubleshooting advice, and reviews on Linux, Virtualization, the Cloud, System Administration, and enterprise computing. In addition to this site, we feature videos on Youtube.


Jesse Chenhalls - Herder of Dogs

With twenty years of experience in the Computer Industry, Jesse Chenhalls, has held positions as a Repair Tech, Systems Administrator, Web Developer, Linux Engineer, Storage Admin, and for the last ten years worked with VMware technologies. Currently Jesse is a Level 4 Senior Engineer on the Tanzu Support team. When he is not working, Jesse is usually doing some project around the house, traveling, or walking his four dogs.



Laraib Kazi - Collector of Cats

As a seasoned technical support professional with over 6 years of experience at VMware, Laraib Kazi has a deep understanding of virtualization and a strong passion for technology. His expertise in troubleshooting and problem-solving have led him to drive product improvements and support customers at the highest level, and his 9 cats can attest to the fact that he takes his job very seriously. Kazi has worked extensively with several VMware technologies, including vSphere, vSAN, NSX, vRealize Suite and presently, VMware Cloud Foundation. He is also an Ambassador to the Office of the CTO, and holds a Master's degree in Computer Information Systems. In his free time, he explores his interests in home automation, video games, DMing DnD, and woodworking for home improvement projects, all while trying to keep up with his feline overlords. This tech blog is an outlet to share his knowledge and experiences, and hopefully help others in the tech community. In addition to his professional experience, Kazi is also a tech enthusiast who enjoys exploring new technologies and experimenting with home automation.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/laraibkazi/ | www.laraibkazi.info



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