Solution Licensing - A Single License for VCF and VVF

Laraib Kazi
Solution License

With the announcement of End of Availability of Perpetual Licensing and SaaS services for VMware by Broadcom services and the release of VMware Cloud Foundation 5.1.1, VCF components can now use a single solution license instead of individual component licenses.

As mentioned in the VCF 5.1.1 release notes:

Solution Licensing: The component products of VCF can now derive their entitlements from a single solution license key (except for vSAN, which still requires a separate license). Individual component license keys continue to be supported. Use the vSphere Client to apply the solution license or the SDDC Manager UI to apply individual component licenses.

This implies that going forward, while individual component licenses are supported for now, VCF and VVF will be moving to a single license mode i.e one license that will be applied at the VCF/VVF level, from which all other component products will be licensed. This will significantly simplify the licensing structure for all the various products available in the VCF and VVF stacks.

This also moves away from the VCF+ (now End-of-Life) Cloud Subscription Model, instead moving to local subscription solution level license keys.