How to Repair VMDIR Replication

Broken Replication? Dont Panic!

If you are running a VMware environment with multiple vCenters in Enhanced Linked Mode, then chances are, you have inevitably taken snapshots of vCenters and caused a replication issue due to the vmdir DBs being out of sync. In previous posts, I have talked about how this replication works, and how to not break this replication.

In this post, I will explain the quickest way to repair and recover from a broken replication state and bring all the vCenters back in sync.

VMware GSS has multiple internal scripts and KBs to repair the vmdir DB replication in place. However, there is a publicly accessible utility that also lets us repair the replication. Its called cross-domain repoint.

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Enhanced Linked Mode Replication on vSphere 6.x and 7.x


A platform services controller, or a PSC (which can be an external appliance, or embedded into VC) handles vSphere single sign-on (SSO), licensing, tagging, global permissions, custom roles, and certificate management. More Info:

We often read about PSCs replicating between each other, but more often than not, it is unclear WHAT exactly is being replicated between the PSCs. When you deploy multiple PSCs (or vCenters with embedded PSCs) in the same SSO domain, the PSCs will be replicating VMDIR data with each other, depending on how replication is configured.

Based on VMware documentation available here: 

VMDIR data includes: authentication, certificate, lookup, and license information. If your domain contains more than one Platform Services Controller instance, an update of VMDIR content in one VMDIR instance is propagated to all other instances of VMDIR (i.e the other PSCs or embedded VCs).

In this example, we are using 3x 6.7 PSCs, all part of the same "vsphere.local" domain.

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